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The following companies will exhibit products or service demonstrations associated with network and service management during NOMS2010. The contents of the demonstration and exhibitor will be updated.

 E1. NTT: Operation and management technologies for cloud environments 


NTT is promoting R&D for cloud computing towards safe, secure and eco-friendly clouds, as is required by application fields with high social impacts such as e-government and enterprise core systems. In this exhibition, NTT will show operation and management technologies for cloud environments, which are being developed by NTT labs. With the technologies, system administrators can operate and manage ICT systems flexibly on cloud environments even where each system consists of a number of servers, storages, networks and other elements. The technologies include configuration management, performance and availability monitoring, access control, and template management for instant provisioning, etc. As a future effort, we will also explain a power control technology to reduce servers’ power consumption, which leads to reduction of environmental burdens.

هE2.هChunghwa Telecom: NGOSS for ICT Services in Chunghwa Telecom (CHT)ه


Due to the convergence of voice, data, and video, today’s telecom operators are facing the complexity of service and network management to offer differentiated value-added services that meet customer expectations. Without the operations support of well-developed BSS/OSS, it is difficult to timely and effectively provide competitive services upon customer request. In this exhibition, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), will show how a suite of NGOSS-based Telecom OSS (TOSS) is developed for the support of fulfillment and assurance operations of telecom services and IT services.

هE3. AT&T:هCloud Computing and eServicing Toolه


AT&T will introduce AT&T SynapticSM Infrastructure, the foundation of AT&T's Cloud Computing Services, as an example of AT&T's Network-based Computing to enable an "IT eco-system". AT&T will also provide information about AT&T BusinessDirect(r), an eServicing tool that allows customers to productively and cost effectively manage their AT&T services and accounts. Service brochures will be set up on the exhibition booth so please feel free to take them and contact AT&T sales / representatives if you have any queries even after the event.

هE4.هNEC Corporation:هNetCracker (Operation Support Software for achievement of theهhighest returns onه


NEC will demonstrate NetCracker. NetCracker enables communications-service providers (CSPs) to rapidly deliver and effectively manage convergent and content-rich offerings. NetCracker’s OSS solutions are used to deploy new services and infrastructures, reduce service delivery costs, manage network and IT resources, and track telecom assets. NetCracker leads the industry through its innovative approach to Service Layer Transformation䭜, which enables CSPs to deploy an optimum mix of software and services and quickly monetize their investments in network and IT infrastructures.

㺜E5.NTT COMWARE CORPORATION:End-end IP Quality Measurement and Analysis Technology


In order to manage QoE (Quality of Experience) of NGN services such as voice communication and video delivery service, measurement and analysis technology of end-end IP network quality is indispensable. NTT Comware exhibits the end-end IP quality measurement and analysis technology for timely and accurate detection of network problem. The demonstration shows quality measurement function realized as an OSGi bundle on SGW (service gateway), and also explains that the measured performance data is collected in central analysis server through TR-069 protocol. In addition, a new algorithm to locate degraded elements in the network by analyzing the collected end-end quality data will be demonstrated.


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㺜E7. CTC:Next generation OSS for cloud computing environment.


CTC is one of largest system integration companies in Japan. It has strong relationship in order to build a value-chain between foreign IT companies and Japan market. Cloud computing wave is making significant impact for OSS area such as automation, service provisioning and power management. In this situaion, CTC exhibits how a suite of next generation OSS is developed for operation's automation as well as reduce the IT systems power consumption with cutting-edge solution.

㺜E8. FUJITSU: Proposing a smart visualizing solution for cloud-datacenters


Cloud computing is emerged in the real world thanks to the recent advancement of
virtualization technologies for both server and storage system. These technologies are rapidly turning traditional datacenters into so-called "cloud-datacenters".
In terms of operating the complicated cloud-datacenters, smart visualization is the surge requirement. Throughout our demonstration in this exhibition, we introduce a cutting edge solution to visualize cloud-datacenters.