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Call for Application Session Papers (WordPDF
Towards Management of Future Networks and Services 

The 12th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2010) will be held 19-23 April 2010 at the Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan. Held in even-numbered years since 1988, NOMS 2010 will follow the 22 years tradition of NOMS and IM as the primary IEEE Communications Society's forum for technical exchange on network and service management focusing on research, development, integration, standards, service provisioning, and user communities. NOMS 2010 will present up-to-date approaches and technical solutions for novel management paradigms to deal with the new management issues in future infrastructures such as Web 2.0 or beyond service environments, cloud computing platforms, large-scale datacenters, and the Future Internet, as well targeting the conventional issues in large and complex services, systems, and networks.
NOMS 2010 will offer four types of sessions: technical, application, poster, and panel sessions. Technical sessions will present high-quality papers on the latest research results in the network operations and management area. Application sessions will include papers focusing on the experience in IT and telecommunications industries, such as service providers, OSS vendors, and equipment manufacturers. The scope here includes customer requirements, management system implementations, and business practices. Poster sessions provide an insight into work-in-progress. Panel sessions will focus on business implications, market trends, and emerging applications with panelists who are the technology and business leaders.

Authors are invited to submit papers in the following or related topical areas:

 - Case Studies and Best Practices
 - Integration Technologies for Management
 - Management Information Models
 - Management of emerging Networks and Services
 - Virtualization, Grids, Clouds and P2P Overlays
 - Mobility Management
 - Network, Systems and Service Monitoring
 - Event Correlation, Fault, Performance Management
 - Accounting Management and Service Level Reporting
 - Organizational Aspects of IT Service Management
 - Experiences with Process Engineering and Process Frameworks (ITIL, eTOM)
 - Risk Management and IT Governance Issues
 - Business Alignment of IT Service Management
 - Service Delivery
 - Semantic Web and Ontologies for Management
 - OSS/BSS development
 - Management of Next Generation Networks.


Submission Instructions
Papers for the Application Sessions should be written in English. The paper format will be one of annotated slides - papers should have a visual in the upper half of a page and the explanatory text in the lower half. Paper submissions should consist of no more than 15 annotated visuals, including title and references, in PDF only. via
Please have a look at this PDF sample paper for NOMS 2010 Application Session Papers. Further questions related to the application sessions should be addressed to the application sessions co-chairs.


General Co-Chairs:
Nobuo Fujii, NTT-AT, Japan
James Hong, POSTECH, Korea

Important Dates :
Paper Registration: 25 September 2009(firm deadline)
Paper Submission:㺹25 September 2009(firm deadline)
Notification of Acceptance: 8 November 2009
Final Camera Ready Papers Due:㺹15 January 2010

For more information, please contact the one of
Application Session Co-chairs:
Makoto Takano, NTT West R&D Center, Japan
Alexander Keller, IBM Global Technology Services, USA

NOMS 2010 Application Session Co-Chairs